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Image by Michael Browning


In Boston, and other cities, there is an app called Walk N Tours.  Let me tell you that this is by far the best tourist app I've ever experienced.  It's easy to download.  You can select the specific tour you would like to take in that city.  Get to your starting point. And go!!


I selected the Underground Railroad - Beacon Hill Tour.  If you don't want to have to take a tour with a group OR take a tour at specific time, this is the tour for you. Using your phone and AirPods, you get to tour a city on your own and at your own pace.  I picked this particular tour because I had no clue that the Underground Railroad even reached Boston.  The tour started at The Charles Street Meeting House, weaved through the streets of Historic Boston, took you through an inconspicuous tunnel and ended at the African Meeting House.  The app uses GPS to guide you.  It's super easy to follow.  The characters telling the narrative are so engaging.  And the stops are all so relevant.  You can even hear some bonus information, if you want to.   It's so much African American History in Boston.


The Underground Railroad - Beacon Hill tour is about a mile long with some hills along the way.  So wear some comfortable shoes and bring some water.  Whenever I go back to Boston, I will be taking the Classic Freedom Trail Walking Tour and the Historic Boston Downtown Freedom Trail.  But, there are so many other great tours to choose from.  


One last feature of the app is that some of the tours are in different languages, such as Spanish and French.  For $5.99, you can't beat the price or the excellence of this app.


I highly recommend it!  Click this link ( and enjoy your tour!


I highly recommend it!


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