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Image by Vitalii Ustymenko

Who Am I?

I am a traveller. I am a foodie (I will try anything twice). I am a mother, fiancee, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin and friend. I come from a family, who for the most part, has barely travelled outside of the DC area. I am educated. I am a planner. I am adventurous but not a daredevil. I am very opinionated. I tend to not go along with the majority. I don't ever relax on vacations. I can relax at home. I want to see and do everything I can wherever I am.

What inspires me to travel?

The excitement of the unknown inspires me to travel. I do a lot of research before arriving to a new place. I do Google searches. I read blogs. I watch YouTube videos. I watch The Travel Channel. I watch HGTV. I watch the Cooking Channel. I'm in a few online travel Facebook groups. And although, I prepare to the best of my ability, there is always an unexpected experience waiting to happen. That's the inspiration. The random things that can and will happen.

What is the best place that I've ever visited and why?

The best place I have ever visited is Amsterdam. I love the simplicities of life, the ocean, and the energy of the Caribbean.  However, Amsterdam spoke to the nerd in me. The advances in technology. The clean and straight lines of the buildings. 

The patterns of the canals through the city. The intricate details of the family crests above the front doors. And the influence of the Moors in Amsterdam. It all spoke to me. But, not in a whisper. It spoke to me very loudly in a way I could not ignore. 

The connection to Amsterdam was weirdly familiar.  

What is my dream place to visit?

My dream vacation is to Seychelles. I love a good beach. 

In my dreams, this would be the beach of all beaches. 

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